1. Consent

Mundistamps.com is not legally required to obtain it's users's consent to install cookies, as this website only uses own and strictly necessary cookies.

2. What is a cookie?

Cookies are files that websites store in the user's browser, necessary to provide interactive services.

3. Types of cookies

Session cookies: intended to collect and store data while the user is accessing a website. They are not stored in the users's disk.

Permanent cookies: the data is stored in the user's computer and can be accessed and treated during a certain time set by the responsible of the cookie (from some minutes to several years).

4. Cookies can also be

Own or first party cookies: generated by the website you are visiting.

Third party cookies: you get them while browsing the site and they are generated by a third party service hosted in it.

5. Objectives of the cookies

Technical needs: they are necessary for the website funcions. They are also called "strictly necessary cookies". They allow acccess to the server to several users at one time, identification and user access to the system, etc.

Personalization: they allow each individual user to configurate features as language, currency or regional configuration.

Analytics: they allow to anonymously measeure the number of visits and browsing criteria of the different web areas.

6. Which kind of cookies does this site use?

We only use own cookies.

7. Which cookies do we install in your browser in your first visit?

OWN AND STRICTLY NECESSARY COOKIES. These cookies are necessary for the website to work properly for such functions as signing up and creating a shopping cart. The law does not require to notice their installation to the user neither to ask for his/her permission to install them.

Prestashop technical cookies:

Cookie key PrestaShop-216f23c8615fbed6dd6632de1d7b5e3b or similar with 32 chacacters
Duration: 24 hours
Domain: mundistamps.com
Purpose: Technical cookie, allows the user to interact with the website

Text updated May 10, 2018, 02:54 PM