Through this Policy it is informed that the personal data of the clients of will be treated in accordance with the principles of transparency, limitation of the purpose, minimization of data, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality, as well as respecting the rest of obligations and guarantees established in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 relating to the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data.
To this end, we have updated our Privacy Policy, which affects individuals and business interlocutors, and which replaces the one that previously regulated the treatment of customer data of, with the aim of renewing the client's trust and confidence. provide a differential experience.
In order to comply with the aforementioned regulations and to help the Client or user to understand how their personal data is collected, used, processed and protected, Mundistamps informs you of the following aspects related to your right to the protection of personal data.

1. Glossary of terms

For a better understanding of the Privacy Policy, the following concepts are defined and will be referred to in the same:

  • Client: person or company that makes and maintains the contractual relationship with

  • User: person who uses any product or service of

  • Product or Service: products or services whose commercialization is carried out under the brand Mundistamps.

  • Web pages and Apps: web pages and applications owned by Mundistamps, as well as those made available to the Mundistamps Client for the use of its contracted products and services.

2. Who deals with your data?

The treatment of your personal data is the responsibility of Cristina Masip Rofes, NIF 47943608Q, trademark Mundistamps, C / Miquel i Badia 2-4, 2n 4a, 08024 Barcelona, telephone 607433552, Code of registration of the data files in the Spanish Agency for Data Protection: 2140550603

Likewise, we inform you that the Data Protection Delegate is the person in charge of ensuring the protection of your fundamental right to the protection of personal data within Mundistamps. To contact the Delegate of Data Protection of Mundistamps, you can write to the following address:

3. What is a personal data and what data do we deal with?

Personal data consist of information that identifies or identifies individual persons such as name, postal address, email address or telephone number, etc.

From Mundistamps, we treat the personal information that the client facilitates for the hiring of a product or service, as well as the information generated through the provision thereof. Based on the principle of minimization, the data that we will be able to deal with will be adequate, pertinent and limited to those necessary in terms of the purposes for which they are treated, and always respecting the client's will.

The data that may be subject to treatment, depending on the Products or Services that the Client has contracted, as well as the additional treatments allowed or authorized by the Client, will be those determined in the following categories:

  • Customer data: is the data set formed by contact data, age, payment behavior, as well as any information collected, where appropriate, through customer service channels (for example, complaints or inquiries realized), including that obtained through visits to the Web pages, the customer's interactions with Mundistamps in their social networks and official applications.

  • Data of the Products or Services: type of products or services that have been purchased or contracted by the customer, average monthly billing, type of services charged through their invoice.

  • Data of web visits: are the data of the public IP address of each connection made by the user, including its date and time of connection, and sections visited within the web page (URI).

4. How do we treat your data?

In this Policy, the detail of the manner in which Mundistamps treats personal data, and of which the Client has been informed, is collected.

  1. What does it mean to be a Client?

    The Client is responsible for the relationship established with Mundistamps, and the one that accepts the conditions under which it is developed. In this sense, it guarantees that it is authorized and has obtained the consent of the users or interlocutors to accept the privacy conditions established in this Policy.

5. Why do we treat your data?

In Mundistamps we treat customer data for the provision of the service, as well as for other purposes that it allows or authorizes in the terms informed in this Privacy Policy.

Additionally, during the validity of the contractual relationship, other data may be incorporated for these or other purposes, in which case the client will be duly informed at the time of collecting them.

The Client will be solely responsible for all the information that is provided to Mundistamps for the management and contracting of the products and services, guaranteeing that it is authorized and has obtained the consent of its owner for the delivery. Mundistamps is not responsible for the use of false, inaccurate, incomplete, non-updated information provided by the Client.

For these purposes, Mundistamps informs about the legitimizing bases that will allow the different treatments:

1st. Provision of the service

Mundistamps informs that for the provision of the service it will be able to use, among the categories of data collected in section 3, those that are necessary for the correct provision of the same. The specific specification of the treated data will be identified in the data protection clauses of the Conditions of each product or service. In addition, as a client, the treatments that may be necessary for the provision of the contracted services will be carried out with the following purposes:

  1. Provide the service, maintain it and manage the contractual relationship with the client.

  2. Customer service through any channel.

2nd. Legitimate interest

The legitimate interest constitutes a legitimating basis of the treatment, provided that said interest in treating the client's data for the stated purpose is within your reasonable expectations based on the relationship you have as a client. We need to process your data in order to provide you with the highest quality the best products and services, to adapt to your needs, as well as to improve your experience in the enjoyment of these products and services. Treating your data will allow us to be more efficient and therefore will help us to continue maintaining the highest levels of security and trust in the services we provide.

In this sense, we consider that they are covered by legitimate interest and, therefore, Mundistamps may treat the following data for each of the purposes described below:

  1. The customer data, product or service data and visits to our web pages and applications made by the customer can be treated in order to analyze or predict in a very basic way aspects related to their personal preferences and interests and that, Mundistamps can offer to the same, by any means, personalized offers of Products and Services.

Additionally and for the realization of commercial offers, Mundistamps may treat the data provided by the user of those who have requested information about Products and Services by any means (including, where appropriate, electronic), for a maximum period of two years from that were supplied.

The right to oppose these treatments may be made by sending the relevant notification to the addresses listed in the "Exercise of Rights" section of this Privacy Policy.

3rd. Express consent

The express consent constitutes a legitimating basis of the treatment that will allow Mundistamps to process the following data for each of the purposes described below, after obtaining the corresponding authorization from the client or user as appropriate.

For this purpose, each Customer or user will receive an informative communication in advance with sufficient level of detail to process the data for the purposes indicated below:

  1. The customer data, product or service data and visits to our web pages and applications made by the customer or user may be processed in order to make a commercial profile and that Mundistamps can offer, by any means, offers of products and services.

  2. Traffic data and web visits may be processed, in order to make a commercial profile and be able to make personalized offers of Products and Services to it, by any means.

The withdrawal of consent for these treatments may be done by sending the relevant notification to the addresses listed in the section "Exercise of Rights" of this Privacy Policy.

6. Information storage deadlines

The client is informed that, in compliance with the principle of limiting the conservation period, the data collected will be treated only and exclusively for the time necessary and for the purposes for which they were collected at all times. They will therefore be maintained in such a way as to allow the identification of the interested parties for no longer than necessary for the purposes of the processing of personal data.

For all the above and in generic terms, Mundistamps has established the following conservation periods, which will depend on the type of data of the Client and will be applicable, unless in any case a different one has been specified in this Privacy Policy:

  • Customer data: the data will be stored during the term of the contractual relationship plus an additional maximum term of 8 years after the end of the contract, in application of the Civil Code and tax regulations.

  • Data of the Products or Services: the data will be kept during the validity of the contractual relationship plus an additional maximum term of 8 years after the end of the contract, in application of the Civil Code and fiscal regulations.

7. Exercise of rights

In accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations, Mundistamps informs the client that it has the following rights derived from the applicable regulations:

  • Access: allows the owner of the data to obtain information about whether in Mundistamps we are processing personal data that concern him or not and, in such case, right to obtain information about his personal data submitted to treatment.

  • Rectification: it allows to correct errors and modify the data that prove to be inaccurate or incomplete.

  • Deletion: allows the data to be deleted and ceased to be treated by Mundistamps, unless there is a legal obligation to keep them and / or other legitimate reasons for its treatment by Mundistamps do not prevail. For example, when personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected, the customer may request that we suppress these data without undue delay.

  • Limitation: under the legally established conditions, it allows the processing of data to be paralyzed, in such a way that Mundistamps avoids its treatment in the future, which will only be retained for the exercise or defense of claims.

  • Opposition: in certain circumstances and for reasons related to their particular situation, the interested parties may object to the processing of their data. Mundistamps will stop processing the data, except for compelling legitimate reasons, or the exercise or defense of possible claims.

  • Portability: allows the interested party to receive their personal data and be able to transmit it directly to another responsible in a structured, commonly used and mechanical reading format. To exercise this right, it will be necessary for the client to provide a valid email.

Mundistamps guarantees the adoption of the necessary measures to ensure the exercise of these rights for free, being necessary for such exercise to attach a copy of your official identification document:

  1. to. To exercise any of the aforementioned rights by writing a postal letter, indicating in the application what right it exercises, to:

    • Mundistamps, C/ Miquel i Badia 2-4, 2n 4a, 08024 Barcelona.

  2. By writing an email through the following address, providing the same information presented in the previous section, to:

Likewise, and especially when the Client considers that he has not obtained full satisfaction in the exercise of his rights, he may write to the delegate of data protection at the following address:

Finally, the client will have the right to file a claim with the national control authority, for this purpose he should contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency, whose contact information is as follows:

Agencia Española de Protección de Datos
C/ Jorge Juan, 6 - 28001 Madrid
Teléfonos: 901 100 099/91 266 35 17

8. Information we share: recipients or target categories

Mundistamps will only exchange personal data with third party recipients, for any of the purposes set forth in the Privacy Policy, with the aim of maintaining the contractual relationship, as well as those legally required in compliance with any regulations that result from application in the terms set forth then:

  1. Necessary for the provision of the service:

    Mundistamps has contracted for the management of some of the functions necessary for the provision of the service, trustworthy suppliers who may have access to personal data, who will act as treatment managers and who will be contractually bound to fulfill their legal obligations as treatment manager , to maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of the information.

    In no case will the personal data of the Client be shared with third parties without obtaining their prior consent, unless the transfer of their data is necessary to ensure the maintenance of the contractual relationship with the Client as well as in the cases provided by the regulations current in each moment.

  2. Compliance with a legal obligation

    Mundistamps may also communicate to legally authorized third parties, your personal information when necessary to comply with the legislation.

    Mundistamps may communicate the personal data of the Client to the different public authorities by virtue of a legal obligation, such as the tax and customs authorities, the judicial authorities, the judicial police, and any other that, depending on the current regulations, may be applicable.

9. International data transfers

It is reported that is hosted on a server in the United States of America, and therefore the management of some of the functions necessary for the provision of the service with treatment managers are located outside the EU and that, in In any case, they guarantee an adequate level of protection of personal data.

10. Security and confidentiality in the processing of your information

Mundistamps is concerned with ensuring the security, secrecy and confidentiality of your data, communications and personal information. Therefore, as part of our commitment and in compliance with current legislation, we have adopted the most demanding and robust security measures and technical means to prevent their loss, misuse or access without your authorization.

When we receive customer data, we use rigorous security procedures and functions to prevent any unauthorized access.

The personal data that we may collect through the various communications we maintain with you will be treated with absolute confidentiality, committing ourselves to keep secrecy regarding them and guaranteeing the duty to keep them adopting all the necessary and reasonable measures to prevent their alteration, loss and treatment or unauthorized access, in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation.

11. Further treatment

If Mundistamps requires the further processing of your personal data for a purpose other than those contained in this Privacy Policy, it will be previously informed, including all the information that is legally required as well as the purposes foreseen for such treatment.

12. Data processing of minors

Mundistamps expressly prohibits minors who do not have the minimum age legally stipulated in current regulations to consent to the processing of their personal data by themselves, to facilitate the same to Mundistamps without the prior consent of their parents, guardians or legal representatives.

In the event that the Client grants the use of the services to a user under that age, as responsible for it, he will be in charge of authorizing and deciding before Mundistamps about the treatment of the same data in the terms set out in this Policy.

Mundistamps will ensure the proper use of the minors' data, guaranteeing respect for the laws that apply to them with the measures that are reasonably appropriate.

At the moment in which the parents, guardians or legal representatives of these minors detect an unauthorized data processing they may present their queries or complaints by writing to

13. Cookies

Like other Internet portals, the web pages of Mundistamps use a technology called "cookies" to gather information about the interactions of users and how to use the web pages.

If you wish to obtain detailed information about how Mundistamps uses cookies, you can consult the Cookies Policy.

14. Policy changes

Mundistamps may update this Privacy Policy at any time by communicating it to the client in the event that said update involves new data processing or a substantial change in it. Therefore, we recommend that you review this policy periodically.

The use of our services once this change is communicated will imply the knowledge of the same on the part of the client in the terms included in the new published privacy policy.

15. Miscellany

These conditions constitute the Privacy Policy with Mundistamps in relation to the use of its products and services, and replace any previous agreements that may exist between both.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is reported that the Privacy Policy of Mundistamps is formed by this document as well as the specific privacy conditions of each of the services that will be completed and interpreted in a consistent and systematic manner, respecting all In this case, the client's will regarding the general treatments included here, without affecting the specific conditions of the contracted services.

In case any of the provisions of these conditions, or part of them, is declared illegal, invalid or not applicable by a competent administrative or judicial entity, it will be considered for non-application, without affecting the other provisions.

The delay or lack of exercise by Mundistamps of a legal action or any right described in these conditions does not imply, in any case, a waiver of them.

Likewise, the failure to claim a breach of the obligations established in these conditions will not imply a waiver of your subsequent claim.

16. Document version

This version of the Privacy Policy is dated on May 10, 2018.